Game Information

What is Sagramore?World design

Sagramore is a webbased realtime 2D MMORPG based on nothing more then browser interaction. We are constantly developing and expanding the game and feature sets. With a large world to explore many adventures and quests await you, which you can access from almost any device with internet access.

Ports specifically designed for Iphone & Android are expected in the near future.

Why Sagramore, why this concept?

Browsers have seen a leap in performance these last few years, this opened up the way for us to try a new concept.

This is also driven by the growing market for smart phones, tablets and netbooks we see a growing demand in games to play on these devices.

We simply wish to create an experience, an online story that can be accessed from nearly anywhere, and looked to HTML to bring this experience. We hope to bring a story to the world that is partialy created by us and partialy by its own community.

What features will/does Sagramore have?

Don't be confused by the fact that this game is browser mmorpg based. Sagramore features realtime interaction and everything else you'd expect from an MMORPG.

Next to many other things sagramore's primary features will be:

  • Large world to explore
  • Truly customizable characters (tons of freedom to create your own look)
  • Many many quests & sidequests
  • Living world with NPCs that roam across it.
  • Level-up & character statistics system
  • Friendly GUI & Game interaction.

Full list in "FAQ" section

What do I need to play?

-Sagramore account
-A webbrowser that supports HTML5 elements (like: IE7+, Chrome, Firefox or Opera)
-(Optional) Flashplugin, for a better connection

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