As we get many questions frequently, we made this page as collection of the most common questions.
Should your answer not be among them, feel free to contact us through the forum.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to play Sagramore?
Although technically any modern PC browser has the capability to play this game. Our experience is that it runs best if you have more then 800mhz CPU power, 512mb of RAM, 300mb of browser cache and an internet connection. No other plugins are required, but flash can be used as a connection fallback should you not have websockets available. For the best results we recommend using Google Chrome, this has proven to give the best performance by far!

Q: Can I play it on my Tablet/Phone?
Surprisingly ... yes! Although depending on your network connection and phone/tablet, your performance might be poor. Ipad and Iphone have been giving some click registration issues but have been able to connect. To our personal experience the newer android phones/tablets seem to work best. As of this moment we have not optimized the client for phone or tablet usage, this will most likely happen in the future.

Q: Where are you situated?
Our main Excalisoft office is in The Netherlands, Waddinxveen to be specific.

Q: I have this great idea, can I share it with you?
Ofcourse we encourage community input and would love to hear your story, keep in mind though that our schedule is a busy one. You can contact us on the forums or simply post a topic in the ideas section.

Q: I have seen some videos and screenshots of your map/script editor, could I try?
Probably, although at this point in time we still are developing these tools themselves and thus restict access to them. We do want to envolve the community and allow serious mod developers to build their own scripts/worlds & minigames. If you have some good ideas for projects that you have worked out in detail, feel free to contact Maever on the forums.

Q: What Features do you have (planned) for sagramore?
A: Out of the many features we have planned this should depict a good basis as to where we want to go

  • Large world to explore
  • Truly customizable characters (tons of freedom to create your own look)
  • Many many quests & sidequests
  • Living world with NPCs that roam across it.
  • Level-up & character statistics system
  • Friendly GUI & Game interaction.
  • Realtime walking/chatting
  • Realtime Player-vs-Player & Player-vs-Monster battles
  • Multiple Races
  • Party/Guild creation System
  • Advanced NPC AI 
  • Pet system (get your own pet)
  • Buy & Decorate your own house
  • Much more